Alnwick Castle WIP 01

It’s been ages since I have been hands-on doing some art or animation.
For warm-up on art side, I have started 3D recreation of a painting by Venetian painter – Canaletto.
The painting is Alnwick Castle.

Below is my first WIP post.
Everything is at 1st iteration in the render. Castle blocks, terrain, basic textures, river material etc…

Next step is 2nd iteration – Modeling touches & final textures on blocks, terrain sculpting (also some work on textures/blending), populating terrain with clutter(veg, rocks), River material (idea is to get the murky water with flow as in painting), Rocks everywhere, Wonky trees, Sky & very important – Lighting.
Also last chance to try to prepare textures for the painterly look rather than current realistic one.


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