Monthly Archives: March 2014

Assassin’s Creed Unity

Ubisoft has officially announced Assassin’s Creed Unity.
I am glad to be involved in shaping true next-gen AC experience.



Testing Shaders Demo

After few web searches & reading blogs, I have realized that my free account is no good for hosting Unity3D files & displaying in the blog posts.

That’s unfortunate.

However, as plan B, I am going to store Unity web deployment on Dropbox (as public link) and refer to it from the blog.
Not elegant but functional for now.

Click here to test Shaders Demo.

Content is very rough at the moment but below are basic controls.
Left mouse = Orbit, Middle mouse = Pan & Right mouse = Zoom in/out
Left/Right arrow keys = Scroll up and down current row of shaders

Game Engine as a service with in-built App store

All three major 3rd party game engine companies have made announcements at GDC2014.
Unity 5 is announced, with many new features and improvements.


Crytek also entered in subscription based model with lowest price so far. 9.99 USD/EURO.

However, in my opinion the biggest news came from Epic.
Unreal Engine 4 provides only subscription based model. 19 USD per month (+5% royalty on profits).
But the subscription includes complete engine as well as full C++ source code.
And it introduces some form of App store model for developers to make and share/sell stuff. (a la Unity3D)

Sunset @Krabi

Having great holiday at Krabi while using iPhone as primary capture device instead of my Canon.