Monthly Archives: April 2014

Stop motion Fun

Hold Your Horses from Vishang shah on Vimeo.

A weekend stop motion short to tryout iPad app by NFB.
By Vishang & Shramana.


Update on Shaders Demo

Click here for version 1.0 of my shaders demo.

Currently there are most basic techniques only – Ambient, Lambertian, Phong, Environment Cube, Toon, Texture & Normal mapping etc…
And all of them are done by empirical method. That is, old school/non-PBR/eyeball approach.


Basic controls and scene setup is done.
Next is to add more interesting shaders and GUI to describe each shader.



Houdini Engine in Unity3D

Most basic use of copy SOP in Houdini and environment map shader in Unity3D.
Houdini Engine allows super-fast iteration of assets as well as procedural-ism to its best.

Copy SOP at Dawn